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Commercial Carpet Cleaning



It’s commonly understood that the way in which you choose to present your home or workplace is widely reflective of your state of mind. If you are working in an unsanitary space, how do you expect your productivity levels to reach their full potential?

If you require professional commercial carpet cleaning for your Gold Coast office, shop or business premises, get in touch with Cleankill today. Ensure your staff and customers’ comfort with our professional, comprehensive commercial carpet cleaning services, making your premises healthier and more inviting.

Busy offices and shop floors take a battering, as the constant flow of people in and out and across the carpet really begins to takes its toll. Cleankill will keep your carpets looking fantastic and improve their lifespan with expert services. As commercial carpet cleaners on the Gold Coast, we can regularly service your floors. We also offer after-hours availability to prevent you having to close your doors and affect productivity.

Whether you have a large office with many rooms, an open plan set-up, or a vast shop floor, we do it all. Our team have the expertise and experience to work with all types of industries, from consumer goods retailers, to corporate environments, with the utmost professionalism. Commercial carpet cleaning is our specialty, with many business trusting us to provide regular maintenance of their floors every year.

Up to 6 Stage cleaning, suitable for high-rises or locations that are difficult to access. Our portable machine is one of the few available on the market with and inbuilt heating system. Coupled with the 6 stage clean we are still able to achieve a very thorough clean.

  • Carpets sprayed with detergent
  • Carpets sprayed with deoderisor
  • Stains spot treated prior/during cleaning
  • High traffic areas scrubbed with floor polisher and special pad
  • Carpets steam cleaned
  • Carpet neutralising rinse metered through machine to ensure carpets dry quicker and no sticky residue.

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