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Water Damage & Restoration Cleaning



When disaster strikes we can help elevate some of that stress. Just call our office and we will get the next available IICRC Water Damage Restoration qualified technician to your house or business. We are able to take moisture readings, determine the extent of the flood and make a plan of action to dry and restore your property to pre flood conditions. Our job is not just to dry the carpets, we ensure the underlay and sub floor are completely dryed along with skirting boards, walls (water will wick up walls over time) furniture and fittings. Timber floors can be saved depending on how long water has been left standing but MDF products will not likely be salvageable. If you have photos and important documents that have been damage we may be able to dry them too, just mention it to our technician upon their arrival.

Why choose us? We don’t just put a carpet blower in the room and hope for the best like some operators.

  • IICRC Certified Water Damage Restoration Technician
  • Specialty tools for water extraction from the sub floor and underlay as well as carpet.
  • Moisture detectors for all sort and hard surfaces
  • Reletaive and specific humidity detector to monitor the drying process
  • 2 types of Carpet blowers
  • 3 types of Dehumidifiers
  • Plastic screens and telescopic poles to block off unaffected areas
  • Professional carpet layer to refit carpet and underlay (if required)
  • Insurance company approved pricing
  • Invoicing that will provide a complete break down of costs and timescales as well as a description of damage and photos if required for yourself or your insurers.

Rest assured your flooded property will be left as dry if not dryer than pre flood conditions, guaranteed!

  • How long will the process take?
    In most cases the drying process will be complete in 3-5 Days
  • Can we still live/work in the flooded property?
    This will depend on the extent of the flood and the equipment used to dry the property. When using dehumidifiers to control the humidity levels it is not advisable to spend long periods of time in the property
  • Is the equipment noisy?
    One fan or one dehumidifier is not so noisy but when using multiple fans and dehumidifier’s the noise level will certainly increase to an uncomfortable level
  • Will my carpets smell after they are dried?
    The odor coming from wet or damp carpets and underlay can be very unpleasant. Once the drying process is complete the odour generally goes but we do recommend cleaning and deodorizing the carpets upon completion.
  • We have wool carpet and its gone brown can this be fixed?
    In most cases we are able to revers the browning of carpets leaving them in pre flood condition

If you wish to book this or any of our services please call Cleankill now on 0488 456 076 and our friendly female staff will assist you with your booking. Not ready to book but would just like to ask a few more questions or get a quote. No problem at all, they can assist you with all your needs.

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